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Cassiopeia was named after the constellation, because it consists of five stars. If you support only three, or only two, you don't have a reason or right to call yourself a Cassie.

In reality, the stars of Cassiopeia are light years apart from each other, but they still make up the constellation in the sky: they're together that way.Even if DBSK are separated, they'll always be one for us. DB5K will always be what we see in our hearts, although they're on separate stages. Distance is no matter.

I'm Proud to be a Cassie's..!! ♥ YunHo ♥ JaeJoong ♥ YooChun ♥ Junsu ♥ ChangMin ♥

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Sabtu, 5 Mac 2011


cinta ? haha.. aq pnde ktawa bhaa dgr p'kataan ea.. x taukk aq phl.. hehe.. maybe aq rasa, cinta s'sma manusia tokk, x kekal bhaa.. klau b'thn pn, kerana msih sling m'percayai.. just like my mum n my dad.. haha..

klau aq d'takdir kn utk dicintai nanti, aq ingin kn s'org lelaki yg ikhlas, x m'permain kn aq.. x m'ingin kn aq s'mata-mta mokk ikut nafsu.. yg pntg, bkn s'org perokok.. haha ! baik, jujO n setia.. ea jak q harap... aq x mokk bah nya ikut cita rasa aq.. biar laa dgn cara nya.. haha.. tp, yg pntg, nya memahami aq.. hehe..

cinta t'hadap Allah, cinta yg s'memang nya perlu.. cinta t'hdp manusia.. ianya typikal.. and, subject.. blh b'ubah.. dolokk, syg gila ailakk dgn org yg dcintai ea.. tp, rsa ea kn hilang bila org yg kta cintai ea dh x daa rasa gykk baa.. ianya blh b'ubah..

*love purple*

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