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Jumaat, 4 Mac 2011

My Friend :DD

helOO ! lmak dh x update post ehh ! hehe... today, i want to intro my friend.. byk.. tp, hanya kwn baikk yg setia b'sma.. kn2 ? hehe...

first, Liey Yatiey or, full name, Syaliaty Ali.. :DD

baikk.. tp, pemalu laa skit.. hehe... klau knal dgn lbih dkat, mmg, ada sot2 skit.. hahakk ! sma skul, tp, x sma klas.. dia pandai lagi kOtt.. haha..

yg second, Ai Liey Naa.. full name, Nur Alina Jelihi.. :DD

yg nie, btul2 pendiam.. klau knal btul2, mmg s'org yg pndai b'gurau.. x sma sch.. sch kt Sm Vokasional.. t'pisah sejak last year.. tp, pnh hang out b'sma2.. dgn liey jga.. :))

yg ketiga, Iekhin.. :DDD yg nie mmg sekepala dgn aq ! sma2 sot.. haha !

full name, mmg pnjg, Siti Naza Noora Shikin.. pnjg kn ? x nak klah bilangan nma dgn org.. haha..same sch, same class with me.. p'diam.. klau knal btul2, mmg s'org yg byk ckp.. ploya baa, people says.. kdg, diam jga.. haha :DD hehe..

yg keempat, Brenda.. full name, Brenda Rosephina Stephen.. :))

nice n peramah.. ska b'gurau n gila2.. hehe.. smae sch but not sme class.. dia pandai lagi..

lastly, Clara.. full name, Clara Herol.. :))

peramah n pemalu.. ska b'gurau n s'org yg baikk.. hehe..

aq shre, sbb nak bg tau, kwn yg btul2 slalu dgn aq.. saja2 juga.. klau t'silap or terasa, maaf laa.. just want to shre.. hehe.. anyway, love them.. :))

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