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Cassiopeia was named after the constellation, because it consists of five stars. If you support only three, or only two, you don't have a reason or right to call yourself a Cassie.

In reality, the stars of Cassiopeia are light years apart from each other, but they still make up the constellation in the sky: they're together that way.Even if DBSK are separated, they'll always be one for us. DB5K will always be what we see in our hearts, although they're on separate stages. Distance is no matter.

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Isnin, 6 Jun 2011

Just keep avoiding me !~!!

slm pgi ptg siang mlm smua..~!

huhu..~! hri ni, rasa sedih laa..~! knape x2 ?~!!!! semua orang mc m'gelakk jee dr aq..~! aq sendiri pn x thu apa salah aq smpai diaorang mcm x peduli dgn aq..~!! oh my friend...~!! don't make me like this pliss..~!! aq rndu korang laa...~! kn dh 1 mingu cuti..~! rsa mcm 1 thn dh x b'jumpa...~!!

huhu..~! aq ada buat slh dgn korang ke ?~!! klau ada, bgtau laa..~! jgn laa x peduli dgn aq mcm nie..~! klau nak m'gelak dr aq coz fokus kt SPM, jgn laa smpai m'gelak jee...~!! aq pn akn m'duduki SPM thn nie tapi tak laa smpai m'jauhkn diri dn m'gelak kn diri dr kwn x2 aq..~! korang nie kn, x pandai jga perasaann aq tau !~!! asyik aq jee yg jga persaan korang !~!! hurm..~! klau busy skali pn, bg tau laa..~! x laa aq menunggu reply text dr korang u..~!!

tapi, tak pe..~!! aq kn tunggu korang texting aq..~! huhu..~! ye laa, korang kn kwn aq..~! wlpn pn korang avoid aq, tpi aq thu, korang x de mksd kn di sebalik smua nie..~! syg korang..~!!

anyway, love u, my friends, myself and I..

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