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Cassiopeia was named after the constellation, because it consists of five stars. If you support only three, or only two, you don't have a reason or right to call yourself a Cassie.

In reality, the stars of Cassiopeia are light years apart from each other, but they still make up the constellation in the sky: they're together that way.Even if DBSK are separated, they'll always be one for us. DB5K will always be what we see in our hearts, although they're on separate stages. Distance is no matter.

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Sabtu, 20 Ogos 2011

Mereka Popular ~!

slm pgi ptg siang mlm smua ! Annyeonghaseyo ! lma dh x update kn ? ye laa, sya pn rindu juga nakk post..~
hri nie, x thu nakk post apa, sya post posl group fav sya dlm K-pop k ?
baik laa, nma group nie, SNSD atau dikenali sbg Girls' Generation..~
mereka nie, group perempuan yg plg popular dlm inudstri kuzik korea..~
mmg lagu diaorang nie best x2 smuanya..~ dan kali nie, diaorang buat comeback dan buat lagu bru dlm bhsa Korea jepun..~
p'tma kali view teaser dia, mmg mcm best jugakk !!

pda mula tgk mmg rsa, arhh..~ msti video nie meletup nanti..~ dan, mmg btul pn.. :)

*Klik Utk Imej Penuh*

*Klik utk Imej Penuh*

x lma lpas tu, kluar pulakk MV nya..~ mmg cantikk laa lgu nya..~ :)

apa pn, sya ska sgt dgn diaorang & I Love to being Sone !! SNSD, fighting !!

anyway, love u all, SNSD, myself and i..~

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