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Cassiopeia was named after the constellation, because it consists of five stars. If you support only three, or only two, you don't have a reason or right to call yourself a Cassie.

In reality, the stars of Cassiopeia are light years apart from each other, but they still make up the constellation in the sky: they're together that way.Even if DBSK are separated, they'll always be one for us. DB5K will always be what we see in our hearts, although they're on separate stages. Distance is no matter.

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Ahad, 16 Oktober 2011

My cassiopeia family.. :)

slm pgi ptg siang mlm all ! annyeonghaseyo..~ hri nie, sya nak buat post bnyk x2 skit so, nnti, x pyh laa nk update lagi sbb SPM dh nak dkat.. It's only left 29 day before the REAL SPM..~ hehe..~ :) am i ready ? urmm..~ not sure..~ but, InsyaAllah i cn do the best.. :)

post sya hri nie, psl TVXQ lagi ! DBSK,TVXQ & TOHOSINKI tu sma je..~ cma nmanya diberi dr pelbagai bhasa.. :DD x sangka juga ye, sya ada cassiopeia family kt dlm TWITTER ~ hehehe~

nie laa chat kmi dlm TWITTER tu.. psl TVXQ je.. x da yg lbih dr itu.. :)

*yg nie, chat sya dgn unnie sya dlm twitter..~ yg sya tutup tu, x pyh laa tgk.. Cassie's Family je yg blh tahu.. :p

yg stu lagi nie, dgn Yun Wifey..~ dia nie kwn 1 skolah..~ kmi m'punyai minat yg sma.. We are a Cassie's Family..~ :DD

yg sya tutup tu, smuanya 18 SX..~ hahaha !! :p *wlpn umur sya 17, klau Korea, 18 laa tu..~* NGEE..~~ empunya kpd BLOGGIE Playful Pieces

Not Only That, unnie tu jugakk ADORABLE..~ dia buat post utk sya sbb sya followers dia yg ke 300.. :DD Gomawo Unnie..~ hehehe !! :DD

Empunya kpd Bloggie..~ ♥I'll Be Waiting♥ post nya korang blh laa tgk kt SINI..~

anyway, LOve u all, TVXQ, My Cassie's Family, Unnie, My friend, myself and i..~ :DD

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