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Cassiopeia was named after the constellation, because it consists of five stars. If you support only three, or only two, you don't have a reason or right to call yourself a Cassie.

In reality, the stars of Cassiopeia are light years apart from each other, but they still make up the constellation in the sky: they're together that way.Even if DBSK are separated, they'll always be one for us. DB5K will always be what we see in our hearts, although they're on separate stages. Distance is no matter.

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Ahad, 16 Oktober 2011

Perubahan Drastik !

salam pgi ptg siang mlm smua..~ annyeonghaseyo ! :D di petang yg biasa x2 sahaja nie, tetiba pulak nakk post something..~ x thu apa yg menarik, at last, update yg nie je laa..~ janji gua update ~ LOL XD !

Smuanya tlh sya tkar..~ Dr DP FACEBOOK, TWITTER smuanya tlh bertukar kpd Max ChangMinnie ku !

dn begini laa yg terjadi semenjak sya menjadi Cassie..

*nie Deskop background sya yg terdahulu..~

dn yg nie yg terbaru..~ CEPAT sangat sya berubah~ XD

Google Chrome Theme pn TVXQ jugakk..~ :DD

hehehe..~ KORANG pnh try tak nie ? sya pnh tpi, lpas tu tkar, sbb x phm..~ L0L..~

Using Fb dlm hangul..~ try je ! Suka x2..~ hehehe~ :DD

and, anyway, love u all, myself, ChangMinnie and i..~

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